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"In the Realm of the Senses"

A newer series that combines vivid colors and sensual forms to create bold works evocative of dreams.



These " Metal Leaf Landscapes" bring to mind sea, sky, marsh and mountain, freeing the viewer to find themselves both literally and figuratively reflected in them.  

golden Latitudes (3).jpg

"Sea and Land"

Inspired by my youth in the Georgian Lowcountry and my love of travel, I return again and again to creating transitional landscapes. 

"Structured Universe"

This series was born when I began to repurpose paper "studio scraps" by plating them together.  The textured surface was a perfect foundation for these graphic metal leaf abstraction. 

"Primary Focus"

For a long time, I would make my darkest paint by deepening and toning Payne's Gray with other colors. A recent self imposed art assignment to use more black paint has lead to this new series...

"A Quiet Story"

The softer side of abstraction.  Overlapping layers of white and cream create dreamy, peaceful moodscapes.

The Path Through The Garden.jpg
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