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Visual Artist Charles Boniface leads an interdisciplinary studio  specializing in Exceptional Art Resources for interior design and art consulting professionals as well as the art lover in is all!  

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Charles Boniface

"Whether it's a landscape or a purely abstract piece, on some level, all of my work comes back to the water. Growing up by the ocean, spending time in the creeks and rivers of the low-country, shaped me as an artist and a person.  I am always trying to capture the energy and movement of a body of water, as well as the calm peaceful feeling it imparts on the viewer."


I bring decades of framing, art and design industry experience to all your art needs in projects large and small. 

IMG_2465 (1)_edited.jpg

Commissioning Artwork:

The idea of commissioning custom artwork can be intimidating!  I'm here to help demystify the process and prove that it can be fun to work directly with an artist to create just the right piece for your space.

IMG_5098 (1).jpg

Virtual Installation:

Curious about how a piece will look in your space?  Simply send me an image of your space with a clear vertical measurement: IE sofa back to ceiling, sideboard to crown moulding, etc.  I can drop the image you're considering in digitally to give you an idea of how the piece will look "to scale" in your space

Here are what some clients have to say:


"Working with Charles was an absolute pleasure! We are so happy with this piece and love the feeling it brings to our home.  We cannot recommend him enough"  - Noah R.


"Charles, I can not take my eyes off of this beautiful painting you created! I love it!! Thank you so much"  - Lynn M.


"Several years ago, We commissioned Charles to create a large piece for our condo at the beach.  This year we had him add a frame.  The selection and installation process was so easy.  We didn't think we could love the piece any more, but the frame gave it a whole new life!"  - Donald H.


Please reach out anytime!

Charles Boniface

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